Data Services


Data Services

We offer dedicated, high speed internet access via T1, wireless broadband, and fiber. Your connection is not shared and is never over-subscribed; it is totally and specifically yours. With Telenet International’s speed, you'll get your information faster.


Telenet International offers a dedicated T1 internet connection starting at $279/month.

Broadband Wireless Access

We offer the most innovative technology to service the needs of all of our customers. Telenet International delivers WiMax (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access), the latest and greatest technology in the telecommunications industry. With WiMax technology, Telenet International provides wireless transmission of data speeds up to 500Mbps! This connection is a dedicated, dynamically allocated connection, so you receive the same upload and download speeds at all times. You can also upgrade your connection at any time.

WiMax delivers the last mile wireless broadband access as an awesome alternative to a shared, unreliable cable or DSL connection. Telenet International realizes that cable and DSL are becoming more and more antiquated as business demand higher bandwidth requirements. As a leader in telecommunications technology, Telenet International provides WiMax wireless broadband to the Denver metro area and surrounding mountain regions.

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Fiber Optic Ethernet

Fiber Optic Internet is also available at a fraction of the price of most competitors.

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